Raissa Page project update

Amazingly, we are now two thirds of the way through the project, which completes in early November.  Cataloguing is progressing well, with approximately 70% of the collection now having a basic catalogue entry.  Repackaging is taking place alongside this process.

It has been a pleasure to make contact with so many friends and colleagues of Raissa during the last eight months, along with several other notable photographers of the period.  This has all helped to add depth and colour to our knowledge of the collection, and therefore to the catalogue itself.

As well as publicising the collection on Twitter, there have been many meetings with academics and others who have a research interest in the material.  In addition, an article has been published in the Archives & Records Association ARC magazine (No. 360, July 2019, pp.19-22)* and the Project Archivist will be giving a talk at the Women’s Archive Wales Annual Conference in October.

Stay up to date with the project on twitter at @RaissaPage and @SwanUniArchives

*if anyone would like to receive a PDF of the article please get in touch


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