Cymric Federation Press Archive

Who and what were they? There doesn’t appear to be that much information about the Cymric Federation Press (CFP) – a Google search only brings up evidence of them as being a printers, mainly for the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) over a 50 year period (1920’s-1978).

From opening the first CFP box, it became clear that this collection revealed so much more than that of just a paper, printing and publishing company – it paints a vivid picture of Welsh life over the turbulent times of the 20th century.

The first box was like going down a rabbit hole, emerging in the 1980’s – a time of the Miners’ Strike, Electro pop and a place where women held a much different place in society! This era presented itself in the form of gig tickets for an Elektro Disko @ The Square Club, West Bute Street, Cardiff to see bands Burpas, Bomb and Dagger, and Banjo Fury. (If you don’t remember them, their legacy lives on in the V&A collection.)

Another box, another decade – programmes for Miners’ Gala events including adverts for the Coal Queen of Britain competition in the 1960s. There’s also a pamphlet on the NUM visit to the Soviet Union in 1961. The pamphlet pictures are worthy of a peek.

This collection keeps giving – take your pick from a booklet on the “Carabanchel Ten- trade union struggles for freedom in Spain” or come closer to home struggles, represented by NUM yellow/red stickers “stop pit closures” and South Wales Valleys’ food fund flyers.

If you’re interested in Welsh life in the 20th century then there could be something in this collection for you. Have a look at the online catalogue (SWCC/MND/9) or contact the Archives.


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