What next for Digital Preservation? 3 Takeaways from iPres 2022

In September, delegates from across the globe travelled to Glasgow for the 2022 iPres conference on digital preservation. Thanks to the generous support of the Digital Preservation Coalition, our Assistant Archivist Simon Mackley was able to attend the conference and find out more about the latest developments in the field. In this blog post, Simon … Continue reading What next for Digital Preservation? 3 Takeaways from iPres 2022


Swansea University Archives A-Z: Part 2

Did you know that we're joining in with #ArchiveZ, organised by Archives and Records Association Scotland? Since the week beginning 5 March, we've enjoyed exploring a letter of the alphabet each week, discovering fascinating items in the collections that we hold relating to Swansea University’s history. Last week was 'Q', so have a go at our Centenary … Continue reading Swansea University Archives A-Z: Part 2

Swansea University Archives A-Z

We're enjoying joining in with #ArchiveZ, organised by Archives and Records Association Scotland! It might have been set up to showcase Scottish Archives and their fabulous collections in the 26 week lead up to Archives and Records Association conference (now cancelled), but we thought we'd take the opportunity to share some of our archives too. … Continue reading Swansea University Archives A-Z

International Conscientious Objectors’ Day

When faced with the prospect of war, many people rally to their country’s call. Patriotic sentiments often act as motivating factors for volunteers to the armed forces. However, when these attitudes lose their appeal and recruiting figures stall, the state may introduce conscription, forcing able bodied men to enlist. This was evident in Britain during … Continue reading International Conscientious Objectors’ Day

The Raissa Page Collection

We’re delighted that the Raissa Page Collection has been launched and that the catalogue is now accessible. If you missed the launch here’s an opportunity to hear from the project archivist, David Johnston-Smith, and you can also read about this unique collection and the project work in his blog post for ArchivesWales. Images: Copyright Adrianne … Continue reading The Raissa Page Collection